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Stoughton Veterinary Service

Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association (WVMA)

A community of individuals that are committed to advancing veterinary medicine in Wisconsin.


The WVMA leads with four guiding principles: integrity, compassion, community and well-being. Through these pillars, their mission is to advocate and promote veterinary medicine, while also enriching animal and human health. The organization wishes to ensure the health and safety for all animals and those who care for them. Their membership makes it so that entire clinic staffs are able to join the WVMA, which further expands their reach of providing resources and representation.

Why is the WVMA important?

A membership to the WVMA provides a professional network and community between other veterinarians and clinic staff. It also gives access to an extensive and classified network that is posted online, in addition to numerous resources. The WVMA is also committee-based, which means the members make the decisions and lead the association.